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Making a Difference Today. Every Day. 

Rick Hanson has it right on New Year's resolutions: "As you know, most New Year's resolutions are worse than useless: they don't lead to real change and we feel bad about not sticking to them. But if you think of this as feeding yourself, being good to yourself, giving yourself a big wonderful gift each day, nourishing something that will pay off big for you . . . well, it sure is a lot easier to keep treating yourself well in this way."(http://bit.ly/JsNZ21).

So what is it that you're going to do today that will help bring what you need to be a better you? What trees are you going to water today, so that tomorrow they might bear fruit? You don't need to make heroic efforts for it to be meaningful; as little as five minutes a day can be significant. Everyone has five minutes a day. What are you going to do with yours today?