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Support Families to Meet their Needs- All Families. 

We need to move towards a National and truly diverse and inclusive holistic intervention funding system for those with all disabilities. No one should have to move across provincial lines to access services for their child. We have National Health Care and we need National Disability Supports.

There is no legitimate justification for the differentiation between disease and disability in the context of Canadian Care. The BC Auton Supreme Court challenge brought by the ABA-IBI movement played a strong role in dividing the autism communities based on choice of effective intervention modality, and the resulting court ruling that left funding to the discretion of the provinces has been to the detriment of the vast majority. It's time to move beyond these unfortunate situations that govern our present and move forward towards the adoption of a National Funding Program for Developmental Disabilities based on the principles of Diversity and Inclusion.

Until then, we need to support parents in finding and creating innovative and diverse programing that best fits the needs of their family member with autism consistent with family values. 


Making a Difference Today. Every Day. 

Rick Hanson has it right on New Year's resolutions: "As you know, most New Year's resolutions are worse than useless: they don't lead to real change and we feel bad about not sticking to them. But if you think of this as feeding yourself, being good to yourself, giving yourself a big wonderful gift each day, nourishing something that will pay off big for you . . . well, it sure is a lot easier to keep treating yourself well in this way."(

So what is it that you're going to do today that will help bring what you need to be a better you? What trees are you going to water today, so that tomorrow they might bear fruit? You don't need to make heroic efforts for it to be meaningful; as little as five minutes a day can be significant. Everyone has five minutes a day. What are you going to do with yours today?


(Differentially or Not So) Happy Holidays!

The meaningfulness of the holidays is yours to create and enjoy in the way that's right for you. There are so many things and ways to celebrate, so choose the one's that are right for you, your family and those around you. March to your own drummer and make a few good memories. Here are some ways to make things easier. Peace, Love, Joy!

Early Signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


Recent research has focused on early identification and diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders. In the past, children may not have received effective diagnoses until age 3 or 4 (or even older), diagnosis and intervention is now possible at much earlier ages. However, not all doctors or clinicians have competency in evaluating and diagnosing young children. Here is a video which shows young children who display some of the signs of ASD compared to children who do not. If you're seeing some of these signs in your child, or you're not certain, it's good idea to access some professional supports.

Kennedy Krieger Institute Video to Help Physicians and Parents Recognize Early Signs of Autism



You have it in you!

You can change your brain to change your life. Every human being is endowed with the powerful gifts to enable them to learn to sculpt their brain in postive directions to achieve greater health, happiness, joy, love and wisdom. In Buddha's Brain, Rick Hanson combines psychology, spirituality and neuroscience providing practical tools for every body with a brain who wants a life.