Would you like me to come and give a talk with your group or in your community? Let me know and we'll work something out to meet your needs and interests!
Speaking engagements are available on a wide variety of topics, levels of complexity, and oriented to a range of audiences, including public, parents, clinicians, and academic. All can be customized based on needs and contexts.

Upcoming and Recent Papers and Presentations
  • Many Paths up the Mountain: Making Meaningful Change
  • Eating Our Way to the Good Life: Engaging the Food System
  • The Distasteful Fight for Food that Feeds
  • Power Relations, the Dominant Epidemiological Paradigm and Authoritative Knowledge in the Context of Autism 
  • Untangling the Institutional Politics of Autism
  • Engaging Crises of Accountability in the Autism Disorder (ASD) Community
  • Identifying Abundance amidst Scarcity to Address Critical ASD Service Needs in Canada
  • Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Advocacy 101
  • Evidence-Based Medicine as a Contested and Problematic Site
  • Understanding Autism within the BC Framework
Other Sample Topics Include:
Introduction to Autism, Advocacy, Power and Paradigm in Autism, Intervention Options and Effectiveness, Document Preparation, Policy Analysis, the Food System, Environmental and Social sustainability, Social Change and Choosing to Make Life Differences.