Best-for-You Dietary Consultation

Interested in changing your eating patterns, but not sure where to start or how to manage the practicalities of daily life? Dietary interventions for autism and other conditions have over 30 years of research support behind them. Despite this, many clinicians are not familiar with the powerful impact that dietary change can have for individuals and families for their health and well-being. The Gut-Brain Axis is one of the key mechanisms underlying the effectiveness of dietary interventions.

Dietary consultation aims at providing information and strategies for finding and implementing the best way of eating for you, your child or your family. The focus is always on the enjoyment of good quality food as part of leading a better life.

Individualized dietary supports are based on:

  • Whole Foods diet
  • Gluten-free, casein-free (GFCF) diet
  • Paleo diet
  • Wahls Protocol™
  • Other dietary programs as appropriate

Feeding your body well can change your brain and change your life!

In-home and distance services are available.

Did you know that funding is available in Alberta for Special Diets for autism?

“It occurred to me, that I should get my long list of nutrients from food [rather than supplements]. That if I did that, I would probably get hundreds and maybe thousands of other compounds that science had yet to name, that would be helpful to my brain and my mitochondria.” ~ Dr. Terry Wahls 


Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)

Having first certified as an RDI program consultant in 2009, I'm pleased to be offering RDI services again:

Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) offers programs, training, support, education, resources and community for families and individuals who face Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental difficulties. RDI programs are based on the latest research and help build:

Problem Solving         Self Worth            Independence

Self-Regulation      Social Competence   Stronger Relationships

Flexibility                   Adaptability          Empathy &  Perspective

RDI offers a variety of resources and programs to help you on your journey, including family-based programs for ASD, ADHD and other challenges, as well as a vibrant online community for support, education and networking.

The Mission of the RDI Program is to provide every parent with the means to conduct their primary parenting function: engaging with their child in a Guiding Relationship. This is crucial in order to provide essential opportunities for social, personal and neural growth.

In typical development, the Guiding Relationship emerges naturally during the child’s first year of life. Over time, it takes the form of day-to-day playful interactions, goal-oriented collaborations and conversations where: 

  • Parent-guides learn to intuitively balance challenge and support in a manner that is optimal for their child’s development.
  • Children learn to function as competent social apprentices who readily seek out and actively contribute to parental guiding.
  • The Guiding Relationship becomes the primary setting for children to develop the knowledge of themselves and others, along with the social skills, habits and mindset needed to thrive in their increasingly complex, unpredictable, stressful and perplexing world.

In some children (such as those with ASD), impairments have left them unwilling to engage in, and unable to actively contribute to, a naturally-developing Guiding Relationship. Despite their parents’ intuitive ability and strong desire to guide, they are unable to provide essential growth-promoting opportunities for their children.

The RDI Program was specifically designed to provide these parents and children the means to form a ‘Mindful’ Guiding Relationship, which provides the same developmental functions as its ‘natural’ alternative, but requires that parents learn how to guide in a conscious, planned and reflective manner, that adapts to their child’s unique needs.

The program provides parents with the tools to build their child’s motivation and ability to actively participate as a competent social apprentice – contributing the same degree of enthusiasm and desire for personal growth as their typically-developing peers.

In-home and distance services are available.

Did you know that some provinces (including Alberta and BC) provide funding for RDI? 

Video Overview of RDI by Dr. Gutstein


Clinical Consultation, Intervention and Program Planning Services, including Customized Integrated Consultation

These services have been designed to be delivered in-home, or long distance in order to meet your needs in your own homes and communities. They may be used on their own or with other interventions or therapies. 

There are a range of different types of intervention types needed depending on the individual's needs, the intervention modalities selected, and depending on where the program is being implemented.

Each province and state, and each institution or program has its own specific requirements procedures. Consultation services are often combined with formal assessment (testing) services.

Customized clinical consultation is available to meet the needs of yourself, your child, your family, your school, or your funding jurisdiction, as needed:

  • Individual and Family Clinical Consultation
  • Educational and Intervention modules
  • Intervention and Program Planning
  • Service Coordination
  • Behaviour Intervention Plan Preparation for RASP Supervision (BC)
  • Integrated Programming

Integrated programming combines a range of intervention approaches customized to the specific needs for yourself, your child and/or your family. This may include addressing developmental needs relating to a specific condition or disability, supports implementing a special diet (e.g. GFCF or Paleo diet), or educational supports for example.



Public Speaking Engagements

Customized speaking engagements are available on a wide variety of topics, levels of complexity, and oriented to a range of audiences, including public, parents, clinicians, and academic. 

Would you like me to come and give a talk with your group or in your community?  

Customized presentations on autism, effective interventions, food systems, social change, power relations, advocacy, environmental and social sustainability or other related topics are available. 
Let me know and we'll work something out to meet your needs and interests! I have travelled across North America, Europe and Latin America. 

Recent Papers and Presentations

  • Many Paths up the Mountain: Making Meaningful Change 
  • Eating Our Way to the Good Life: Engaging the Food System
  • The Distasteful Fight for Food that Feeds
  • Power Relations, the Dominant Epidemiological Paradigm and Authoritative Knowledge in the Context of Autism
  • Untangling the Institutional Politics of Autism
  • Engaging Crises of Accountability in the Autism Disorder (ASD) Community
  • Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Advocacy 101
  • Evidence-Based Medicine as a Contested and Problematic Site 




Formal Clinical Assessment (testing) and Documentation Services

*Additional Clinical Diagnostic Assessments are Now Available, with Distance Services Available*

These services have been designed to be delivered in-home, or long distance in order to meet your needs in your own homes and communities. They may be used on their own or with other interventions or therapies. 

Each of these assessments has been selected to provide clinical data from a parent/caregiver perspective in a range of clinical skill areas and challenges. Each is suitable for most age groups, and can be used with individuals with or without previous clinical diagnoses, including ASD, ADD, ADHD, etc.

Current assessment tools provide clinical data relating to the following:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Adaptive functioning and self-help skills
  • Behaviour
  • Sensory Processing
  • Social-Emotional Development
  • Attention
  • Hyperactivity
  • Emotional Modulation
  • Executive Functioning
  • Communication and Pragmatic Language

Other documentation services, including editing and report writing are also available. These can be customized to meet your specific needs.