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Clinical Consultation, Intervention and Program Planning Services, including Customized Integrated Consultation

These services have been designed to be delivered in-home, or long distance in order to meet your needs in your own homes and communities. They may be used on their own or with other interventions or therapies. 

There are a range of different types of intervention types needed depending on the individual's needs, the intervention modalities selected, and depending on where the program is being implemented.

Each province and state, and each institution or program has its own specific requirements procedures. Consultation services are often combined with formal assessment (testing) services.

Customized clinical consultation is available to meet the needs of yourself, your child, your family, your school, or your funding jurisdiction, as needed:

  • Individual and Family Clinical Consultation
  • Educational and Intervention modules
  • Intervention and Program Planning
  • Service Coordination
  • Behaviour Intervention Plan Preparation for RASP Supervision (BC)
  • Integrated Programming

Integrated programming combines a range of intervention approaches customized to the specific needs for yourself, your child and/or your family. This may include addressing developmental needs relating to a specific condition or disability, supports implementing a special diet (e.g. GFCF or Paleo diet), or educational supports for example.